New Automated Handling System

How our latest technology addition can directly benefit your products

At Mowden, we want to keep pushing forward to ensure we continue to offer you the ideal blend of competitive pricing, reduced lead-times and increased flexibility on small to even larger production runs.

That is why we have implemented our new Inline Conveyor System,  as well as further enhancing our SMT assembly equipment.  This includes our MyData 200 Series Pick & Place machine, with the ability to deliver high-speed placement of up to 16,000 components an hour from 0.4×0.2mm to 56x56x15mm (the size of a Dust Mite to a traditional Teabag!).


Reduced handling and changeover time

The new automated system now significantly reduces the manual handling of the PCBs from the beginning to the end of the surface mount process.

Changeover time from one PCB batch to the next is much faster, as we no longer have to hand-place PCBs into the placement machines. Not only does this lower the labour rates of your job and time spent in the system, it also reduces the risks of ESD damage and faults due to over-handling.


No compromise on quality

For us therefore, competitive pricing and shorter lead times doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality.   Our new system enables us to offer both, without risking the functionality of your products.